5 tips to keep your dog in top condition

5 tips to keep your dog in top condition

Do you find it hard to keep your dog at the right weight? Bored of being told off by your vet after the walk of shame from the scales? Caboodle co-founder Gillian, reveals some simple health-enhancing tweaks to ensure your beloved pooch’s waistline stays trim.


1. Regular weigh-ins 

Does your dog only get weighed once a year at the vet? You are not alone, most dog parents don’t know the exact weight of their dog or if they are carrying a little extra ‘puppy’ fat. Once you know what their ideal weight is, you will have a benchmark to guide you. 


Weighing scales

2. Exercise

Too cold or rainy to venture to the park? There are many ways to increase the CBO’s throughout the day (CBO=calorie burning opportunities). Ditch the bowl and start getting creative with mealtimes. Try stuffing a hollow toy with their wet food or use a Lickimat for fast eaters. How about popping their portion of dry food into an activity ball or puzzle to make them work harder? This will also increase their motivation towards food if it is not just given in a bowl at the same time. Hide and Seek is also a great brain stretcher to keep your dog mentally and physically fit.


Ditch the bowl


3. Food glorious food - mix it up!

At Caboodle, we believe that a combination of mixed food incorporating different flavours of wet food and the satisfying crunch of dry food not only keeps your dog motivated but also provides optimum nutrition and healthcare benefits. We humans are used to the idea of eating the rainbow for optimum health and dogs are similar. A broad range of novel proteins and contrasting textures prevents boredom and keeps tails wagging and wanting more. That's why we developed our daily menu boxes, with a combination of wet and dry food in 7 delicious flavours, in calorie-controlled portions, it's everything your dog wants for the day, but no more than they need. 


Mixed feeding


4. Low-calorie pacifiers & occupiers

You don't have to sacrifice taste to get a trim waist! Low-calorie pacifiers/occupiers are essential to avoid those stealth calories creeping in - did you know one pig’s ear has 50% of the calories a small dog should have in one day?! 

Check the packaging before you buy your next pack of dog chews. Caboodle’s healthy dental chews are only 7 kcals each and a delicious guilt-free daily treat.

Playful dog 


5. Resist bacon temptation

Resist the temptation to give human food! We all know how tempting it is to spoon the leftovers from Sunday lunch into your dog’s bowl, but just stop before you do and think of the levels of salt and fat in gravy alone that can swing the calories into the red zone, as well directly contributing to health conditions such as pancreatitis.

 Happy dog

Hungry to learn more? Head to our blog for helpful tips and advice on how to keep your dog happy and healthy every day.


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