Caboodle Pricing

Find out why Caboodle is great value for you and your dog.

Comparing Caboodle with a leading brand

The best way to show you that Caboodle dog food is great value for money is to compare our prices with leading brands, ones you will find in a local supermarket.

Why Caboodle is great value for money

We're really proud of the choices we made when creating Caboodle. It means with Caboodle you're getting so much more than just wet or dry food. Find out why Caboodle is great value for money:

Save money on Caboodle Stacks

See below how our stacks compare in pricing, and the savings you can take advantage of by purchasing multiple stacks. Remember if you subscribe, you will always benefit from these discounted prices.

Where does your money go?

With Caboodle, it's not just food, it's everything you need every day, packed in a way that's convenient for you. With wet food, kibble, treats and a chew in every daily box, you can sit back, relax and enjoy more cuddles.

Our food is delicious and highly nutritious

We have chosen top quality ingredients from UK and EU partners whose focus is on sourcing local and traceable ingredients, we don't have any cheap and poor quality ingredients from far flung places.

Bountiful boxes

Everything's included and already measured out for your dog - wet food, dry food, treats and chews... it's everything you need in one box for a whole week, hand packed with love in our Cotswolds HQ.

Certified 99% compostable recyclable packaging

We have chosen superior compostable and recyclable packaging. This means we can sleep at night knowing we are not contributing to food waste and single-use plastic that is a widespread problem in the pet food industry.

No hidden delivery extras

Our premium delivery with UPS is included in your subscription so no hidden deliveryextras. UPS are trailblazing in logistics having ordered 10,000 new fully electric vansin 2020 as their first step towards a zero emissions fleet.

Get started with 15% off

Use code FIRSTBOX15 to receive 15% off your first order. Tell us about your dog to find the right Caboodle for you.

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