The Caboodle Story

Caboodle was born out of a mutual passion for dogs, their food and wellbeing. Our founders bonded over a joint desire to create a better way to feed our beloved dogs.

Our Founders

Our founders Simon Arkwright, innovation and customer insight expert, Gillian Quek co-founder of The Dog House Trading Company and Karen Hanton, co-founder of PetsPyjamas, bonded over a joint desire to create a better way to feed our beloved dogs. Caboodle delivers top nutrition, perfect portions and tasty combinations in easy portable daily boxes that fit into our busy lives.

Removing the guesswork!

It started by us asking: why is there so much trial and error, and guesswork involved in feeding your dog… and the stress and worry this creates. The more we talked about it the more we wanted to try and make daily feeding more straightforward… it shouldn’t be this difficult. Sure, some people get a dog with an iron stomach and nail it first time… but many people are constantly searching for what’s best for their dog.

Goodbye overfeeding

So, we tried to capture all the different pain points dog owners have, and then we tried to imagine a world free from measuring, guesswork, overfeeding, unwanted food and half opened trays in the fridge. Something that was easier, more convenient and one less thing for owners to worry about. But also, something that was more enjoyable and interesting for dogs, not the same boring old food day in day out… something with moist chewy wet food and crunchy dry food combinations, and something which meant pet parents could give treats and chews without worrying they might be overfeeding…

Meet Caboodle!

Daily dog boxes, perfectly combined and carefully portioned for your dog. It just takes a few moments to answer some questions about your dog, and we do the rest. We do the measuring and combining for your dog, then deliver to your home. Plus, if there are any issues or problems we’ll do our best to solve them! But if for some reason you don’t like Caboodle you can cancel your subscription at any time hassle free, no quibbles, no questions asked.

Get started with 15% off

Use code FIRSTBOX15 to receive 15% off your first order. Tell us about your dog to find the right Caboodle for you.