How to feed Caboodle

How to feed Caboodle

How to Caboodle

Caboodle is a completely new way to feed your dog, so here is some simple guidance and useful suggestions to help you transition from your current dog food. 

Whether it’s the first time you are using a subscription service for dog food (or at all!) or maybe you are used to feeding only dry or wet food, whatever your questions, we have you covered. 

Caboodle is the first dog food subscription to combine both highly nutritious wet and dry food, healthy treats and dental chews.

When your Caboodle arrives at your home, you will find 7 daily trays within your stack each with the right amount of food for your dog’s weight for each day of the week, already measured and combined. 


1. Caboodle Stack 
All seven daily trays are neatly nestled within a cupboard-friendly stack. 
Simply remove the lid and side flaps and tear the perforated front panel down (where marked) to show all seven trays.
The full list of ingredients for each day are listed in the leaflet which will come with your delivery. If your dog has any intolerances or allergies please ensure you read this before starting. 

2. Daily Trays
Each day is a different menu and the quantities have been calculated to give your dog the recommended amount of food for their weight, age and activity levels. Inside each day is wet food, dry food, treats and a dental chew. 
3. Can I start feeding Caboodle straight away?
If you are confident that your dog has a healthy digestion then you could start feeding Caboodle straight away. 
4. If your dog has a sensitive tummy...
... then we would advise introducing Caboodle gradually over a period of 5-7 days:
                  Day 1-3: 80% old food / 20% Caboodle
                  Day 3-5: 50% old food / 20% Caboodle
                  Day 5-7: 20% old food / 80% Caboodle
                  Day 8 and beyond: Caboodle is all you need!

5. Should I mix up the food or feed the wet and dry separately?
  • This is a personal preference and we know you know what your dog loves best. 
  • Some Caboodlers split up their tray and feed the wet food for breakfast and the dry food in the afternoon. 
  • Other Caboodlers take their dry food to the park on their morning walk and feed as a reward for house training or great recall.
  • Some really love to mix it all together for a texture and flavour bomb.
  • We recommend you feed your Caboodle with imagination as we know that this makes mealtimes more motivating and exciting for your dog.
Some suggestions are: 
  • Using a Lickimat for the wet food (in the summer freezing this makes a even better treat to cool down hot dogs and licking is pacifying)
  • Filling an activity puzzle with the dry food - again this creates a challenge for your dog to figure out how to extract the food from the toy.
  • Scattering the dry food for a game of hide and seek.
  • Filling a hollow Kong toy with the wet food and giving it when you are not around to reduce separation problems.
6. Packaging 
At the bottom of each daily tray is a guide of how to recycle Caboodle. 
Wet food trays - please rinse and recycle with your plastics. (the film is the only part of our packaging that is not currently recyclable)
Dry food and treat sachets - believe it or not these are compostable and can be popped into your green waste bin with your food scraps or (and we know this sounds strange) you can pop in your home compost. To find out more please visit NatureFlex.
Daily trays & Caboodle stack - these can be stacked then flattened easily to go into your cardboard recycling bin.

If you have any questions about how to Caboodle, we are a chatty bunch and are always happy to help. 

Please send your questions to: