What's in a box?

Delicious and nutritious great quality food with every daily box tailored for your dog's calorie needs. High in protein and with 100% natural ingredients our carefully curated boxes feature a unique combination of:

Protein-rich wet food with delightful flavours

Crunchy dry food for healthy-teeth texture

Treats to reward & train

A healthy, natural dental chew

Experience the ease of having everything your dog requires for the day conveniently bundled into beautifully compact and recyclable packaging.

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How it works


Tell us about your dog, take our quiz to discover the Caboodle for you - it only takes a minute.


Tailored for you, portioned by us, choose how much and how often you'd like your Caboodle delivered.


Flexible plans, swap flavours, size up or down... it's all the tail-wagging pleasure with no need to measure.

Why choose Caboodle?

Introducing our selection of seven daily meal boxes, each brimming with flavours your dog will adore. We believe feeding a mix of our protein rich wet food for taste and Superfood crunch for healthy teeth is the best way to feed your dog. Plus chews for dental health and treats for rewards are an important part of keeping your dog in tip top mental and physical condition every day. 

It’s not just food, it’s the whole Caboodle!


Natural, recognisable ingredients

We pride ourselves on our food being nutritious and delicious with no unpronouceable nasties. Everything is sourced from as near to our Cotswolds HQ as possible too - so there are no far-flung food miles either.

Minimum 60% protein in each meal

Prebiotics to help maintain good digestive health

Omega 3 to aid brain function & immunity

Glucosamine & Chondroitin for joint & bone support

About our food

How does Caboodle stack up?

...and all this, for less!

We're really proud of the choices we made when creating Caboodle. It means with Caboodle you're getting so much more than just wet or dry food. Take a look at how our prices compare.

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