It's a whole new bowl game

Meet Caboodle, the first perfectly combined, weekly food stack for dogs with wet & dry food plus tasty treats & chews. All portioned and delivered to your door - ideal for dogs under 14 kgs.

no more overfeeding

Top rated, top quality
food, crafted by experts

Everything you need each day
at home and on the go

What's in my box?

  • We've curated seven daily boxes to create a weekly stack with different flavours and textures your dog will love. This is all delivered to your doorstep every week or month.

    Each daily box contains a variety of:

  • Protein-packed wet food with delicious flavours
  • Crunchy dry food for healthy-teeth texture
    • Treats to reward & train
    • A healthy, natural dental chew
    • All beautifully combined in compactable, recyclable packaging

How it works


Discover the right Caboodle for you - it only takes a minute.


Choose a weekly or monthly
subscription. Cancel at any time.


All the tail-wagging pleasure
with no need to measure.

Daily feeding made simple

And so much more…

  • Daily variety of ideal combinations with wet and dry food, treats and a chew. Everything your dog needs in one place - every single day!

  • Delicious and nutritious complete feeding everyday. Great food, in the right amount for your dog.

  • No more guesswork and worry of overtreating.

  • Your dog won't be 1 of the 51% of obese dogs in the UK.
  • Mess and hassle-free - compact, portable and cupboard friendly.

  • Convenient for on-the-go perfect for work days, away days & holidays.

  • Flexible delivery options to suit your busy schedule.

  • Two flexible subscription plans - it's easy to skip, pause or cancel at anytime.

  • We're kind to the planet with 99% recyclable and biodegradable packaging and sustainably sourced food.

"The ease of having the food delivered to your door and knowing your dog is getting all the nutrition he needs, ease of storage and cleanliness and great for travel."

- Mandy and Dude

"It's really good and takes the drama out of the day and you feel your dog has a better choice”

- Mark and Noodle

"Tasty and nutritional food, all portioned out just right for Peggy, and it's delivered as a stack with one week's worth of portions."

- Helen and Peggy

"It’s a great way to ensure your dog is well nourished without the hassle of buying and weighing individual food types - guaranteed variety and good quality."

- Amanda & Otto

Our environmental pawprint

At Caboodle we know that happy dogs and a happy planet go hand in hand, so we’re doing everything we can to minimise our impact on the earth. All our food is made in the UK and Europe and our boxes are hand-assembled and carefully packed at our Cotswolds HQ. Our packaging is 99% recyclable. We use NatureFlex compostable film, biodegradable card and labels. In fact, even the ink we use on our boxes is made from vegetables. We are working hard to eradicate that bothersome 1% too (it’s the foil on our wet food that keeps it fresh).

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