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Nutritious and delicious with no unpronounceable nasties and everything is sourced from as near to our Cotswolds HQ as possible - so there are no far-flung food miles either.

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Our Daily Menus

There are seven delicious Caboodle meal boxes in our weekly discovery pack: Chicken Stew, Superb Salmon, Sausage Hotpot, Duck Casserole, Fish Friday, Turkey Goulash and Sunday Roast.

It's delight for your dog every day - but want to swap a flavour? No problem, just let us know what you prefer instead. So what's on the menu?

  • Happy Monday

Free-run chicken stew with chunky vegetables

Superfood Complete Crunch

Love heart goodies treats

Chicken and hemp seed chew

A happy Monday starts with protein-powered chicken with chunky vegetables plus Superfood Complete Crunch for a taste and texture your dog will love. Love heart training treats and a healthy dental chew complete Monday’s marvellous menu.

Joints stay long-walk-ready with Glucosamine & Chondroitin

Natural prebiotic for sensitive tummies

Minimum 60% protein in every recipe

  • Superfood Tuesday

Superb salmon with brown rice and vegetable medley

Superfood Complete Crunch

Seaweed with orange treats

Turkey and superfoods chew

Salmon & seaweed ensure Tuesday isn’t snooze-day. Flaky salmon, brown rice and wholesome veggies blend beautifully with our Superfood Complete Crunch. Seaweed and orange treats turn training into playtime while the turkey chew allows your pooch to let off some steam.

Prebiotics aid healthy digestion and vitamin absorption

Omega 3 improves brain function and immunity

Blueberries burst with fibre and antioxidants

  • Hearty Wednesday

Scrummy sausage hotpot with sweet potato

Superfood Complete Crunch

Immune-boosting duck mini-bones

Rabbit and berries chew

Scrummy sausage hotpot contains fur-friendly flaxseed for a just-groomed shiny coat. The salmon-packed Superfood Complete Crunch adds texture and creates a foodie flavour bomb. Add in immune-boosting duck treats and a rabbit chew and your dog is all set for a whopping Wednesday.

Flaxseed keeps coats shiny and skin healthy

Omega 3 supports brain function and immunity

Prebiotics to keep your dog's gut happy

  • Game Night Thursday

Delicious duck casserole with blueberries and peas

Superfood Complete Crunch

Rabbit with apple and kale bites

Venison and pomegranate chew

Raise your dog's game with delicious & nutritious duck, peas and blueberries. Superfood Complete Crunch adds extra taste and texture and don't forget to reward your furry pal with rabbit, apple and kale bites. Wind down with a venison and pomegranate chew for a truly content canine.

Lean and sustainable game for flavour and variety

Joints stay long-walk-ready ready with Glucosamine & Chondroitin

Omega 3 contribute to improved brain function and immunity

  • Big Fish Friday

Fabulous fish supper

Superfood Complete Crunch

Fishy titbits

Chicken and hemp seed chew

There’s no need to fish for
compliments from your dog with Friday’s Fabulous Fish Supper. Wholesome white fish and tasty vegetables combine perfectly with salmon-packed Superfood Complete Crunch. Fishy titbits keep training fun and a chicken
and hemp seed chew will calm your pooch and keep teeth plaque-free.

Joints stay long-walk-ready ready with Glucosamine & Chondroitin

Omega 3 contribute to improved brain function and immunity

Probiotics support your dog's digestive health

  • Supreme Saturday

Tasty steam-cooked turkey goulash

Superfood Complete Crunch

Duck meaty morsels

Turkey and superfoods chew

Setting tails to Wag Mode, our tender turkey is gently steamed with vibrant veg to blend delectably with our Superfood Complete Crunch. Duck meaty morsels pack a quality protein punch while an irresistible dental chew completes the day.

Turkey provides lean and tasty protein

Omega 3 contributes to improved brain function and immunity

Joints stay long-walk-ready ready with Glucosamine & Chondroitin

  • Sunday Roast

Succulent British beef with all the trimmings

Superfood Complete Crunch

Sleepy Sunday snacks

Rabbit and berries chew

Bond with your dog over juicy British beef with all the trimmings - just mix with vitamin-packed Superfood Complete Crunch for added crunchy goodness. Enjoy Sunday night together with Sleepy Sunday Snacks and a relaxing rabbit chew.

Pumpkin seeds contain calming tryptophan

Joints stay long-walk-ready ready with Glucosamine & Chondroitin

Natural Prebiotics for gut health

Natural, recognisable ingredients

At Caboodle, we make dog food, treats and chews from natural, recognisable ingredients. Our holistic range of wet and dry food has achieved blush-inducingly good scores on 'All About Dog Food' (wet food attained 94% and dry food 88%, since you asked). Because to us, it’s about more than just dog food. It’s a whole new bowl game.

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