By popular demand… Caboodle for dogs up to 6kg

By popular demand… Caboodle for dogs up to 6kg

Caboodle Yellow is the latest in the ‘pack’ to provide our unique daily menu boxes, ideal for dogs weighing between 4 and 6 kgs. Every day of the week already weighed and measured including wet and dry food, treats and a chew. 

It really is a whole new bowl game!

What's included?

Our Caboodle Yellow size includes:

  • delicious wet food (85g), 
  • a sachet of superfood crunch (50g),
  • a portion of tasty treats and 
  • a chew in each daily box.  

How do I know it's the right amount of food for my smaller dog?

With 347 calories on average each day, Caboodle Yellow is typically ideal for dogs within the weight range of 4-6 kgs.  Admittedly, all dogs are different and super energetic 3kg dogs and more sedate 7kg pooches may also thrive on our Yellow size.  

For our best advice on which Caboodle stack is perfect for your dog checkout the quiz which takes 5 key factors into consideration when thinking about how much to feed your dog…

  1. weight, 
  2. body condition, 
  3. neutered vs intact, 
  4. activity level and 
  5. life stage

Why 'Yellow'?

You may be wondering why this is the 'Yellow' stack.  The names of our unique range of pack sizes marry the colours we have in our Caboodle Stack.  Our Caboodle Yellow size has seven menus of wet, dry, treats and a chew in a daily box with everything you need already weighed and measured out for your pooch.

No one else is portioning daily packs for smaller dogs like Caboodle to make feeding delightful and easy - it really is a whole new bowl game!