How to travel stress free with your dog

How to take the worry out of travelling with your dog

Whether you're a last minute booker, or a holiday planning pro, taking your dog away with you brings with it its own challenges. From travel sickness to keeping your dog off the pristine hotel sheets our four-legged friends can cause some hassle at holiday time.

At Caboodle we’re lucky enough to include one of the founders of PetsPyjamas, the pet travel experts, in our pack. So here are our top tips for taking the strain out of weeks (or weekends away) with your furry companion.

1. Take their bed with them

Being in a new place, whether it's a hotel or a house can be disorienting for your pets. Perhaps they can’t go on the sofa like they would do at home, or perhaps they are surrounded by other dogs, or maybe they simply miss the smells and sounds of their home. So, we recommend taking a bit of their home with them. Where possible, pack up their bed, or at least blanket, so that wherever they are snuggling down for their chew they have the familiar scent of home with them.

2. Keep them busy

If you're like us, your dog goes everywhere with you, and is used to eating out in restaurants. But, remember on holiday you're relaxing too, and it's nice to spend a little extra time over lunch. So be sure to take a Caboodle daily tray or one of our twin packs with you when you are out and about to keep your dog entertained whilst you have that extra post pudding coffee!

3. Plan ahead

This is a holiday for your dog too. The last thing you want to do is to get to a beach to find out it's not dog friendly. Check out The Beach Guide for the best dog friendly beaches in the UK. 

4. Keep their diet stable

We’ve all done it, grabbed some extra food for a treat, or run out of food and had to resort to something unfamiliar when caught short.  But trust us, the last thing you want is to be away from home with a dog with a poorly tummy. Equally important, just because you're on holiday you don’t want to over indulge your dog, what seems like small weight gains can have a significant impact on your dog’s long term health. Our Caboodle weekly stacks and Twin Packs are perfect for taking away with you. With no need for refrigeration, they are tailored to your dog based on their weight and physical attributes so you can rest assured that your dog is getting the right amount of calories every day, with no risk of overfeeding. 

5. Travel slow

Just like us, dogs need to stretch their legs. So stop often, give them a long drink of water, grab some treats and do some training out and about at rest stops. Keep their mind and their body as active as possible.

Caboodle dogs love to travel, and our portable stack with its daily boxes or our Twin Packs are the perfect accompaniment to your trip away - Grab and go packs, pre portioned wet and dry food, treats and chews. It’s your dog's complete daily nutrition without the hassle.

If you have any questions about how to Caboodle, we are a chatty bunch and are always happy to help. 

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