Loved By Vets - Mark Boddy On Why Caboodle Is A New Way To Feed Your Dog

Loved By Vets - Mark Boddy On Why Caboodle Is A New Way To Feed Your Dog

Today, for many, we’ve moved away from dogs being seen as separate to the rest of the family. For most pet parents their dog is what has completed their family or in some cases started it. This means that dogs are now an essential part of family life and are increasingly involved in every aspect of our daily routines.


For many people, their dog is a near constant companion, going nearly everywhere with us, whether at home, work or on vacation, not just the daily walk. As such, we have had to adapt our feeding routines to fit around our modern lifestyle. But feeding your dog is no longer just a daily chore. It is an opportunity to enrich our interactions with them throughout the day and strengthen that special relationship we enjoy so much. The wide range of available foods and treats help us create special moments and memories and show how much we care. 


This does present a challenge for caring pet parents though. How do we keep our dogs happy, motivated and create those special moments without overfeeding them? This is where Caboodle has crafted something very special in the market. They’ve created the first daily food box for dogs with a variety of dry and wet food, treats and chews, all pre-portioned to provide everything your dog needs for the day….and no more. Up to 65% of dogs in the UK are clinically overweight or obese* and are at increased risk of a range of health conditions and shortened lifespan. The portioning, tailored to your dog's weight and exercise levels, means they will never be inadvertently over-indulged, while the range of different items provides ample interest, variety and bonding opportunities.


This means that you can treat your dog throughout the day and reward frequently during play-time and training without worry. You can feed a variety of dry and wet foods without having to calculate correct feeding amounts. And you have it all pre-packaged in convenient, daily packs for the home, the office, the weekend away or your next vacation, wherever life takes you both.


Turn the daily chore of feeding your dog into a multitude of enriching experiences throughout the day that also protects their good health and fits conveniently around your lifestyle. That’s the Caboodle way.



*PDSA PAW Report 2022