Trick or Treat?

Trick or Treat?

Most dog owners love to treat their dog. Whether it's a reward for good behaviour or to help keep their dog calm in a busy space. Treating and rewarding our dogs are important parts of building positive relationships with them.

However, many dog owners might be surprised to learn how treats can impact the daily calorie intake of their dog - pushing them way over the recommended limit for the day! For example, if you’ve got a medium sized dog who should eat approx. 500 calories a day, then a 50 calorie treat can quickly add up! 

That's why when we created Caboodle, we wanted to make sure that each Caboodle daily tray included treats and chews, as well as main meals, so that everything was already weighed out.  From Rabbit, Apple and Kale bites on a Thursday to Sleepy Sunday Snacks at the weekend, each Caboodle daily tray includes a small number of low-calorie treats to help you train, and entertain your dog, wherever you are!

With Halloween just around the corner, we’ve listed out some of the eye-watering calorific treats that dog owners tell us they love to give... 

Human food

Dog owners often tell us they’ll share a little of their own food with their dogs. But human food can be very high in fat, salt and calories. We’ve listed out some of the common (and high calorie) human food that people give their dog:

1 cubic inch of cheddar cheese - 69 calories

100ml of whole milk - 62 calories

1 cup of cooked chicken - 234 calories

1 frankfurter sausage - 175 calories

On the go snacks

It can be hard to find the number of calories in on the go snacks as they’re seldom listed on packs. That's because pet food manufacturers are not required to include calorie counts on treats, in the same way they are with food. 

It may surprise you to know that a normal sized gravy bone contains a whopping 35 calories! It’s easy to grab a handful of gravy bones when you’re out and about, but taking your low calorie Caboodle treats with you, will make sure your dog is enjoying their treats without excess calories. 

Long life chews

As our Caboodlers will know, included in your Caboodle daily box is a delicious healthy chew, with different flavours plus prebiotics or probiotics depending on the day. Like our treats, our chews are also low in calories and free from strange unrecognisable ingredients so often found in dental chews. Were you aware that many ‘dental’ or pacifying chews are often much higher in calories:

Pedigree Jumbone Small - 270 Calories

Pedigree Dental Bone Small - 105 Calories

Purina Busy Bone Dental Bone Small - 309 Calories

The balance of treating and training your dog is a hard one, and at Caboodle we aim to help you navigate this with our pre-portioned complete and balanced daily dog food boxes.  There's no more measuring or portioning - it’s everything your dog wants and no more than they need, every day.  

Want to know more about finding out how many calories your dog needs? We love this calculator on