What makes great dog food?

What makes great dog food?

Navigating todays dog food options can be a challenge. Owners want to support their beloved dogs with nutritious, quality food, which helps them live long and happy lives. But, what makes a great dog food? If you’re not a dog food expert, a vet or a dog nutritionist how do you know?

At Caboodle we’re experts in dog food, and dog behaviour, and we’re going to share our top insights into what makes an excellent dog food.

Combining Crunch and Flavour

Over 50% of dog owners feed a mix of wet and dry food. Why? Because this mixture gives dogs the best of both worlds

  1. Juicy, tasty protein rich meat from wet food
  2. Tasty crunch from dry food

Why is this the magic mix? Well, it replicates what their ancestors would have eaten in the wild. Pre-domestication a wild dog would have eaten the meat from an animal but also would have crunched their bones, this helped maintain good teeth health. Nowadays, good quality kibble (dry food) serves the same purpose, as well as being full of its own protein and nutrients.

At Caboodle our Superfood Srunch (our dry food) features across all 7 of our stacks. This high quality kibble includes Salmon, sweet potato, Omega 3 supplement, beans and our dried superfood blend - which includes dill, spinach, fennel, asparagus and tomato. 

Having Salmon as part of your dogs diet this way a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which support the immune system, may decrease inflammation, and can keep your dog's coat looking shiny and healthy.

A blend of superfoods

Just like humans, dogs can maximise their food nutrient value by adding superfoods to their daily calorie intake. At Caboodle our superfood crunch is designed to complement the different proteins given to your dog across the week with their Caboodle stack. 

Our superfood crunch contains our delicious superfood blend, packed full of vitamins and minerals to help keep your dog in tip top shape:

Fennel - Contains vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, iron, and potassium. These support your dog’s immune system, vision, bones, and more. Fennel also helps with bad breath, indigestion, and pups that are gassy. 

Spinach - is an excellent source of vitamins A, K, and C. It’s also packed with iron and antioxidants, fibre, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Spinach is a human superfood, and needs to be balanced in careful quantities for your dog. Hence our perfectly balanced superfood blend contains the right amount to give your dog all of the benefits of spinach without the worry of overfeeding them too much of this rich superfood.

Asparagus - is packed full of nutrients and minerals, and is a human superfood. But eating fresh or cooked asparagus can be hard on a dog's digestive system. Our superfood blend breaks down the complex fibres in Asparagus to help your dog benefit from all of the goodness without putting any stress on their digestion.

Tomatoes - Are fibre rich and great for your dog's digestion. Like asparagus it’s important that some of the complex fibres are broken down to enable your dog to benefit from the goodness of the tomato, without putting stress on their digestive system. 

A mixture of proteins in their diet

Not all proteins are created equally. They have different levels of omega and amino acids, to ensure that your pet gets the top variety of these nutrients the best thing you can do is give them a variety of meats. Not only does this help with the different nutrient intake, it will also keep your dog interested in their food - no one wants to eat the same thing every day! 

When it comes to choosing the right protein, there isn’t a right choice - variety really is the best option!


Dental hygiene, Probiotics and all the good stuff

Brushing your dog's teeth is important to help them maintain their gum and teeth health into later life. Regular brushing is the best thing you can do for your dog, but many owners will also use dental chews to help keep plaque down in their dogs teeth. But a dental chew doesn’t have to just be good for their teeth.

Each of our daily boxes includes a delicious superfood chew:

  • Chicken and hemp seed chew
  • Turkey and superfood chew
  • Rabbit and berries chew
  • Venison and pomegranate chew

This mixture of probiotic yoghurt (great for sensitive tummies), hemp seed -fantastic for omega 3 and 6, and delicious proteins, set in a beef skin chew help keep your dogs teeth clean, as well as keeping them busy as they take a little time to chew!