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An introduction to environmentally friendly dog food

For environmentally friendly dog food consider: diet, packaging, carbon footprint, and company ethics. Starting with diet; in the same way that we choose to have a balanced diet, dog owners are now preferring to provide their dogs with a balanced diet. Would you like a happier, healthier dog? Like humans, a balanced diet means avoiding meat-only diets and adding a controlled amount of fibre. It's important to understand that some foods are toxic for dogs, such as chocolate, raisins, grapes, onion & garlic. Healthy food for dogs is a balanced amount of meat, fish, blueberries, steamed carrots, peas, or peanut butter. You should avoid dairy and also food high in salt, potassium and fat.

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Variety & balanced eco-friendly dog food

Our environmentally friendly dog food provides your dog with a balanced diet and a variety of wet and dry food. With our meal plans, your dog intakes protein, vegetables, treats, as well as healthy dental chews. You can use the treats to reward and train your dog and in the end, you will have a healthy, well-trained dog. A good example of a healthy daily pack is ‘Happy Monday’. This pack contains items like the ‘free-run chicken stew with chunky vegetable’. With Happy Monday, not only do you have the balance of meat and veg in one dish, but you are also adding key ingredients. This pack contains glucosamine & chondroitin (for healthy joints), a natural prebiotic for sensitive tummies as well as a good amount of protein. On the other side of the week, we have the ‘Big Fish Friday’ food pack. This pack has benefits such as omega 3, probiotics, and also glucosamine & chondroitin. To see a fuller picture of our diet packs and understand more, click here.

Protect the environment with Caboodle

Our packaging is made from 99% recyclable materials. Designed and organised to protect the environment and keep your little companion happy.

Why subscribe to environmentally friendly dog food

There are various benefits to subscribing to our environmentally friendly dog food. What about a weekly diet plan organised for you? If you are keen to provide a well-balanced diet, it can be a headache to come up with various meal plans throughout the week. Why struggle with this, when we have taken the time to do the research for you and prepare your week? Our food boxes are organised for each day of the week and you receive this as a weekly package. This means that the exact amount of food has been carefully calculated and the weekly diet is balanced. As well as a mixed diet, the texture of the food is mixed between wet and dry and accompanied by dog treats and chews.

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Portable & flexible

You can easily take the box to wherever you need to be and use this as a portable diet plan! We also hope you’re proud to show your family and friends your lovely dog food in recycled packaging. At Caboodle, we are equipped and conscientious to provide you with the best quality environmentally friendly dog food around. With our subscriptions, you can choose weekly or monthly and you can cancel anytime.

How to subscribe to our eco-friendly dog food

The process begins with a short questionnaire which is used to work out the most appropriate meal plan for your dog. At this point, you decide whether you would prefer to have a weekly or 4-week food plan. After you have completed the online form, you will have an account with us. If you are wondering about the billing, this will be sent out in line with your preferred delivery schedule. Also bear in mind that we email you to remind you about upcoming billing three days in advance. And lastly, it is easy to move, skip or cancel your subscription at any time. You can do this by heading to 'manage subscriptions' in the menu

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Other ways to help the environment as a pet owner

*Avoid plastic dog accessories (where possible)

*Donate pet beds & toys after use

It is often recommended to avoid plastic dog accessories where possible. For example, try and find the plastic-free version of toys, leads, and beds. If you think your dog’s bed is reusable, then give this a good wash and donate! Maybe someone treated your dog to a toy but it has not been used. Consider donating to recycle!