You and your dog are going places!

Our dogs love a holiday as much as their human, but organising their food can be a hassle - measuring kibble into Tupperware, smelly treats exploding in your pockets and cans rolling around in the boot of your car. At Caboodle we say NO MORE! Start the holiday feeling before you leave by knowing that you’ve got a perfectly balanced set of meals for your dog for your trip.

Caboodle is everything you need for the day to feed your dog, already measured and combined for you. Wet and dry food, treats and chews - it’s doggie delight delivered!

Simply select the stack to suit your dog and you're ready to go!

What's in a box?

We've curated seven daily boxes to create a weekly stack with different flavours and textures your dog will love. This is all delivered to your doorstep every week or month. Each daily box contains a variety of:

Protein-packed wet food with delicious flavours

Crunchy dry food for healthy-teeth texture

Treats to reward & train

A healthy, natural dental chew

All beautifully combined in compactable, recyclable packaging.

About our food

It's a whole new bowl game

We aim to delight your dog every day with great food
& flavours, and delight you the owner with convenience and a happy, healthy friend.

Daily food boxes in weekly packages

Pre-measured & tailored to your dog's attributes

Daily variety of wet and dry food, treats and a chew

Everything your dog needs in one place - every single day!

Get started

Why choose Caboodle

We believe feeding a mix of wet food for taste and crunchy kibble for healthy-teeth texture is the best way to feed your dog. We also believe chews for dental health and treats for rewards and training are an important part of keeping your dog in tip top condition every day. 

It’s not just food, it’s the whole Caboodle.