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At Caboodle we're on a mission to make dog feeding delightful and easy every day. Most people feed their dog a mix of wet food, crunchy kibble, treats and chews each day. However, our customers tell us it's difficult to know if they're getting it right.

With Caboodle, you tell us about your dog and we do the weighing and portioning for you. We'll create 7 delicious daily menu boxes with the right portions for your dog and deliver them to your doorstep - it's not just food, it's the whole Caboodle!

Tailored to your dog

We have tailored our food to ensure it is right for your dog. Weight is a major factor, and you can view each stack based on just weight if you'd like, but by taking our quiz we can ensure that factors such as activity levels, neutered or non-neutered and body condition are all taken into account. This can result in a different recommendation than just weight. Discover the right Caboodle for you - it only takes a minute.

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To get started, tell us about your dog and we'll find the ideal Caboodle for you.

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