First Aid For Dogs - Would You Know What To Do?

First Aid For Dogs - Would You Know What To Do?

Would you know how to help your pet in an emergency?

A PDSA survey has revealed that 90% of pet parents have no basic first aid skills and 80% don’t have a first aid kit.


Bandage for dogs


If that’s you, now’s the time to do something about it. April is National Pet First Aid Awareness month – a month dedicated to teaching pet parents how to provide their pets with essential emergency care.


Checking a dogs heartrate


Enter our partner, ManyPets – an award-winning pet insurance provider for cats and dogs. They have one mission: to make life easier for pet parents. 


checking a dogs teeth


To help pet owners get prepared, they are offering 5 FREE pet first aid videos when you sign up to their mailing list. There’s no need to buy a policy – or even to get a quote.

Led by the company’s in-house vet, Dr Kirsten Ronngrenn, their weekly essential videos cover:


  • Knowing what’s normal
  • How to behave during an emergency
  • Basic bandaging
  • Spotting the signs of heatstroke
  • How to prepare for an emergency


Knowing the basics of first aid could make all the difference in your pet’s moment of need. Sign up today to start learning.