Getting Fit With Your Dog

Getting Fit With Your Dog

As much as we all love to relax on the sofa with our dog, we all also know that being active and living a healthy lifestyle is important - for you and your dog!

Exercising and getting your heart rate up will boost you and your dog's energy levels. Balanced with a healthy diet, you’ll both be on your way to thriving mentally and physically!

If it's good for you, and it's good for your dog, we at Caboodle can’t think of a better way to do it than together. Keeping active and fit, will help you bond with your dog, as well as give you a fantastic opportunity to train your dog, and reward them for great behaviour. 

Tips for making exercising with your dog safe and easy

Dog’s all have differing exercise needs so it’s important to be aware of what is too little or too much. 

Generally as a rule, most dogs should have between 30-60 minutes of exercise a day so incorporating this into your own exercise routine will help you to stick to new initiatives, as you’ll be able to support each other. That being said, exercise needs to work for the both of you, and you both need to enjoy it, so don’t push yourself, or your dog too hard. If it's not working, consider something different. 

Work hasn’t been done clearly on defining calories which are burned by a dog during exercise, but it's safe to say that if your heart rate is raised through exercise your dogs will be too.

Your vet will be able to support you as you find the right type of exercise for your dog. As you need to be wary of things like heat exhaustion and dehydration (always have water to hand) - it's essential to know your limits, and your dogs!


Walking and power walking

The most obvious exercise to do with your dog is walking. From improved cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure, stronger muscles and bones (built up by walking regularly), and decreased stress - walking your dog is a fantastic way to build up your overall fitness level. Walking is great for your pooch too, as it can be a lower impact way for them to get regular exercise. 



Taking walking up a gear to running is a brilliant way to push yourself and your dog's fitness. Running on different surfaces, and gradients can help keep you and your dog challenged, as well as being a fantastic way to explore new places.

Be sure when going out about running or walking to carry water for you and your dog. Any snacks you might need, and of course any food you think your dog may need to keep them motivated and full of energy. Caboodles low-calorie easily portable treats and chews are a fantastic way to keep your dog n keen when out and about exercising. These treats come as part of your daily meal box.



Ok, we know, it's similar to walking, but it's more of an adventure. You, and your dog exploring the great outdoors. Because of the gradients involved, not to mention the views, hiking with your dog will feel like a totally different experience, and will be a great way for you and your dog to keep fit together!


Dog Yoga (DOGA) 

Yoga is proven to be great for your body and mind. From breathing exercises to strength and conditioning, yoga is recognised to alleviate the symptoms of depression, pain, stress, addiction and much more! 

But how about Yoga with your dog? Yes, it's a thing - Doga.

Either done at home or even in some studios including one of our favourites Le Wag in London, Doga hopes to help owners listen to their dog’s body language as well as get themselves fit at the same time. Doga is believed to help you bond with your dog, and help your dog learn to trust you, improve their physical strength, help them (and you) relax, as well as being benign, funny and entertaining.

If you fancy giving DOGA a go check your local yoga studio, or give YouTube a quick search for lots of free try at home classes videos - here is one of our favourites!


A fantastic all body workout for humans, swimming helps with body conditioning, weight management and strength. Similarly, the PDSA say that swimming can be great exercise for dogs and it can be especially good for dogs recovering for injury or with stiff or painful joints. Taking to the water can also help dogs to cool down in hot weather. But not all breeds are suited to swimming, short legged, or short nose breeds amongst others are not traditional water babies. So, you’ll want to make sure that your dog is able to swim well before committing fully! 

Dog agility

Typically dog agility is more about the dog's exercise than the owner. But running around a ‘track’ making sure your dog performs is sure to get your heart rate pumping as well as your dogs. In addition, dog agility is an incredible way to keep your dog's mind active and engaged, as they are constantly learning new skills. As with other forms of exercise, treating and rewarding your dog regularly in dog agility is incredibly important. Treats, which are part of their balanced diet, are essential. Caboodle’s perfectly portioned daily food trays, include small, low-calorie treats, are a fantastic way to ensure your dog has the motivation they need, without worrying about the excess calories!

Whatever route you choose to get fit with your dog, keeping moving will be great for both of you both from a fitness level and to help keep you connected and bonded.

Coupled with good exercise, a great diet is essential to help you get and stay fit. We’re not experts when it comes to human’s diets, but when it comes to dogs' diets you’ll be hard pushed to find a group of people more connected with the health and nutritional needs of dogs than the team at Caboodle. Top nutrition, coupled with an absolute focus on lifestyle and portability led to the creation of Caboodle’s daily food boxes. Perfectly portioned mix feeding, that makes it easier for dogs and their owners to get out and enjoy their day - because at Caboodle, we know that life is better when your dog comes too! Find out more about how to enjoy Caboodle here.