Top Tips For Training Your Dog

Top Tips For Training Your Dog

In an ideal world, our dogs would be welcomed everywhere we go and many businesses are starting to open their doors to allow this - for well-behaved dogs (and owners!). It is only fair, if we ask public spaces to welcome dogs, that we make sure to take responsibility for having a well-trained and perfectly-mannered dog to bring into those spaces. 

With this in mind, we are here to give you some tips and tricks to training your dog (whatever their age!)

  • Be patient and get in the right mood and headspace
  • Training your pooch will take time. Whether an adult dog or a puppy, you’ve both got to put the time and effort in. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was training a dog. Make sure you are feeling relaxed, not rushing and ready to enjoy a training session. Make sure they (and you!) have been for a pee so they can focus attention on you. Remember to end every session on a high and don’t wait for them to lose interest. Keep calm even when it’s not going to plan if you're frustrated, your dog will be too.

  • Never blame your dog
  • Like toddlers, dogs will respond better to being praised for good behaviour rather than reprimanded for not conforming immediately. Celebrate your pooches accomplishments as soon as they happen. They want to please us and some positive reinforcement will go a long way.

  • Choose the right time to train
  • If you’ve got an energetic dog, make sure that you start training once they’ve got some of that energy out of their system.  As long as your dog isn't distracted we’re a big fan of ‘every day, everywhere’ training. This means using everyday activities as an opportunity to train your dog. If you're mid-walk, this is a great opportunity to practise walking to heel, if you're waiting to cross the road, this is a fantastic opportunity to teach ‘Sit’. Real world training - on the go!

  • Have the right incentive
  • Delicious nutritious treats should be used to incentivise your dog. You’ll be amazed at how yummy food can motivate a dog. But, be careful of overfeeding, a small piece of chicken or cheese for a dog is not the same as a small piece of chicken or cheese for a human. At Caboodle we have perfectly portioned low calorie delicious treats to help with this kind of reward. Part of your dog's daily calorie intake, our treats are perfect for keeping your dog motivated to learn every day.

  • Praise. Praise. Praise
  • Positive reinforcement cannot be underestimated! In addition to their tasty treat, a stroke, excited ‘Well Done/ Good Boy’, or even a cuddle will go a long way!

  • If you need it, seek professional help.
  • Just like humans, all dogs have different personalities, and some are more stubborn than others. Taking your dog to an obedience class or hiring a dog trainer is a fantastic first step or is useful if you are hitting a roadblock in your training and need some help. Not only can a trainer show you exactly how it’s done, but they will be able to assess your dog (and you as their trainer) in real time, and be able to tell you exactly where the problem lies and how to fix it. However, this needs follow-through. The truth is, a 6-week course or a couple of sessions with a trainer - or even sending your dog away to a training centre - is not going to ‘fix’ the problem. It will lay the foundation, but to see long-lasting effects you will have to commit to consistent training using what you have learnt from the experts. 

    Find out more about Caboodle’s training treats by visiting our ‘Our Food’ page.