Our Environmental Pawprint

When we throw something away, where does it go?

This was a question that we asked ourselves when we started to consider the best way to package our doggie delight. 

At Caboodle, we want to create a pawsome experience for you and your furry family. We were really particular when it came to selecting and sourcing high-quality ingredients for our stacks, we were mindful to select suppliers from across the UK and Europe to reduce food miles while selecting the best diet for your dog. 

But when it came to the packaging, we didn’t expect to be confronted with so many big questions on the best way to keep our doggie delight safe and fresh, whilst limiting our environmental pawprint. For example, did you know that plastic packaging in the UK accounts for almost 70% of our total plastic waste? This works out to be an astounding 2.3Mt of waste each year. 

We are committed to minimising our impact on the planet, because we know that happy dogs and a happy planet go hand-in-hand.


Learning how to be intentional about our impact

To help us understand how to best deliver our doggie delight, we sought out experts from across the packaging, sustainability and retail sectors. And from those conversations, we learnt so much about limiting our impact. By speaking to those with much more knowledge than us, such as Diana Verde Nieto, Founder of Positive Luxury, we were able to navigate our way through some very murky waters to make the best decisions and to be intentional about every aspect of our packaging. Choosing sustainable and recyclable packaging can be difficult because for example, whilst there are initiatives like the TerraCycle scheme to recycle pet food pouches, these aren’t always widely accessible and we want our packaging to be easy to dispose of. 

So, when you get your weekly stack, there’s no unnecessary filler packaging or excessive plastic taking up space, just well-designed and fully intentional packaging made from 99% recyclable materials designed to keep your doggie delight delivered in perfect condition. 

By choosing to go with our environmentally friendly packaging, it required us to look at the type of business that we wanted to be and our part to play in protecting our planet. Whilst elements of our eco-conscious packaging costs 400% more than the non-planet friendly alternative, it was important to us to ensure that we weren’t creating more packaging and plastic waste that would go straight to landfill. 

Delivering doggie delight in an environmentally conscious way

None of us have all the answers to the climate crisis, but we know that it’s an issue that we all need to tackle together, each with our own part to play. Although we could’ve gone down the traditional route of plastic pouches or bags, we didn’t feel comfortable with the hit-and-miss nature of at-home recycling and how much it can vary from one council to the next. We wanted to ensure that everything we were creating for Caboodle was as easy for you to recycle as possible.

For right now, we have used the information and resources that we have available to us to make some decisions to ensure that our processes and packaging are as low impact as possible.

This looks like:

  • All the food that goes into our weekly stacks is made in the UK and Europe, with a traceable journey from producer to Caboodle stack.
  • Our weekly stacks are hand-assembled and carefully portioned and packed at our Cotswolds HQ.
  • Our packaging is 99% recyclable and we’re working on that 1% (the film on our wet food that keeps it fresh that is the last piece of the puzzle for us to eliminate).
  • We create our weekly stacks using NatureFlex compostable film, biodegradable cardboard, and labels.
  • Our wet food is in fully recyclable trays accepted by the majority of councils in the UK.
  • We even use vegetable-based inks to print on our boxes!
  • The trays use a thinner card to minimise materials.
  • The outer boxes are designed to be both the transport outer and in-home storage unit - cupboard ready packaging.
  • All film is using plant based NatureFlex which dissolves in water in up to 40 days
  • All labels are biodegradable.
  • All ink on the outer box and inner trays are plant based.
  • All paper and card are sourced from sustainable sources.
  • All our ingredients are chosen and sourced with abundance and sustainability in mind. For example all the meat and fish in our wet food comes from the UK and Europe. Plus we don’t have things like avocados or almonds in our ingredients.

Choosing biodegradable where possible

Despite only really having existed for the last 60-70 years, plastic is everywhere and some plastics can take as long as 500 years to decompose. Instead, we wanted to opt for materials that are as easy to recycle and can even go in your home composting bin! Enter NatureFlex, it looks like plastic, acts like plastic but it doesn’t hang around the planet like plastic! In fact, it takes roughly 60 days to decompose - that’s a big difference from its plastic alternative. 

We’ll continue to have the tough conversations, to learn and seek advice from those who are experts in their fields to ensure that we are being intentional about what we create at Caboodle and mindful of our impact on the world. Plus, you can count on us to keep working on improving that 1% of our packaging, the film on our wet food, as well as creating and delivering doggie delight to keep your furry friends happy and healthy.

If you’d like to know more about our environmental pawprint, or you have any questions, you can take a look at our FAQs or why not get in touch? Our team loves to chat! Drop us an email and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours, alternatively give us a call at our Cotswold HQ, we’re around Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm. 

Email: hello@caboodle.dog

Phone: 0800 888 6432