Should I Feed My Dog Wet Or Dry Food?

Should I Feed My Dog Wet Or Dry Food?

Should I Feed My Dog Wet Or Dry Food?

This is a question that dog owners constantly ask themselves. There are so many different dog food brands on the market it's confusing and difficult to know the best dog food to choose. At Caboodle, we believe that a combination of both wet and dry food provides optimum nutrition and healthcare benefits, is great for their wellbeing and results in happier healthier dogs!

Dry food alone may be more convenient and easier to store and good for dental health, but on its own it's a pretty dull diet and it's like giving food as fuel or feeding them a daily diet of boring porridge or dry crackers rather than something truly tasty to look forward to. Changing things up and varying their food will engage your dog more and make mealtimes something to look forward to.

If dogs could choose, they would undoubtedly choose wet food as it has an intense smell and tastes better. It also provides a higher level of water so it's a good choice for dogs who don't tend to drink a lot in the day. But dogs that only eat wet food can suffer from dental problems and gum disease as well as their owners having to deal with half-opened tins of dog food in their fridge.  

So, how can you easily provide your dog with the right balance of dry and wet food? The answer is Caboodle - a new complete dog food in a neat weekly food stack, providing both wet and dry food plus tasty chews and treats. All the food is measured out based on the size and breed of your dog and is suitable for dogs under 14 kgs.

CEO of Caboodle, Gillian Quek, with over 20 years experience as co-founder of The Dog House, one of the UK's top dog education centres in Wales, explains the advantages of Caboodle.

"Just like us, dogs look forward to their food and if you give them the same food every day they will get bored and de-motivated. But, if you can introduce them to lots of different tastes and flavours of both wet and dry food you will see the difference in your dog straight away. Food is a major reward in a dog's life and by keeping your dog guessing what comes next and varying what you feed them, you can improve how engaged and interested they are in general. If you have a fussy dog it can be a struggle to get them to finish a meal, with Caboodle the bowl will be licked clean every time.”

There are seven daily boxes in a stack of all different varieties, including treats to reward and chews to relax them. Our flavoursome doggie dishes include Happy Monday Chicken Stew, Scrummy Sausage Wednesday and Big Fish Friday.

"By feeding your dog Caboodle you can relax knowing that you are giving them the best of both worlds!” says Gillian.

If you’d like to have more advice about feeding your dog,  or you have any questions, you can take a look at our FAQs or why not get in touch? Our team loves to chat! Drop us an email and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours, alternatively give us a call at our Cotswold HQ, we’re around Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.


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