How Does Caboodle Work?

How Does Caboodle Work?

Taking Dog Food Personalisation to the Next Level: Tailored Dog Food for Your Furry Friend!

Making feeding guidelines a thing of the past

Wondering how to accurately determine the perfect portion sizes for your beloved canine companion? Navigating the realm of portion sizes and food types can be a daunting task, but it's essential for ensuring your dog's overall health and happiness.

Unfortunately, many dog food brands don't simplify the process. They offer generic feeding guidelines laden with perplexing terms and varying calorie counts. This often results in recommended portion sizes that don't align with your dog's actual requirements. But fear not – that's where Caboodle comes in! 

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What sets Caboodle apart? 

Unlike other brands with conventional feeding guidelines, Caboodle redefines the game. We've replaced feeding guidelines on packaging with a revolutionary concept – our daily packs serve as your personalized feeding guide. Imagine having your dog's meals meticulously measured and portioned out, ready to be delivered straight to your doorstep every day!

So, you may wonder, how does it all work? How do we determine the perfect pack size? 


Our Quiz

Our approach factors in several key considerations to pinpoint the ideal calorie intake for your furry friend. Through a dynamic quiz, we gather information about your dog, including Breed and Size, Age, Activity Level, Weight and Body Condition, and Neutered/Spayed Status. 

  • Breed and Size: Different dog breeds have varying metabolic rates and energy needs. Larger breeds generally require more calories than smaller breeds but every dog is different.  At Caboodle we use a dog's weight to anchor our pack size recommendation.
  • Age: Puppies and younger dogs have higher energy needs for growth and development, while senior dogs may require fewer calories due to decreased activity levels and metabolism.  Caboodle is suitable for dogs over 7 months and age has an impact in our quiz.
  • Activity Level: A highly active dog, such as one that participates in agility training or regular exercise, will need more calories than a less active dog. Likewise, a dog with less activity is taken into consideration and both answers influence the results.
  • Weight and Body Condition: If your dog is overweight or underweight, their calorie intake should be adjusted accordingly. Our quiz makes an adjustment for this to try and ensure the appropriate calorie intake.
  • Neutered/Spayed Status: Neutered or spayed dogs may have slightly lower energy requirements, so we account for this too with our calorie recommendation.

Once all these factors have been taken into account, our clever little machine then works out exactly what your dog needs each day based on the information you give and recommends a Caboodle stack for your dog.


We advise: Dogs with certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, thyroid issues, or gastrointestinal problems, or pregnant or lactating dogs that may have special dietary need to speak to a veterinarian to provide guidance on the appropriate calorie intake for a dog with specific health needs.

Food Type and Calorie Content: The type of food you're feeding your dog (dry kibble, wet food, raw diet, etc.) can impact their overall calorie intake. For all other brands, you need to check and adjust the quantity based on the calorific content per serving accordingly - that takes time when feeding food, treats and chews every day. With Caboodle, you tell us about your dog and we’ll calculate the appropriate portion sizes, weigh them out for you, and combine them into daily boxes!  No more measuring, portioning or guesswork!



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Caboodle was born out of the desire to make daily dog feeding a delightful and hassle-free experience. Our mission involves removing the hassle of measuring and guesswork from your routine. We take personalised dog food to unprecedented heights by crafting custom food and treat portions based on those crucial five criteria. This ensures that your dog receives the precise calorie intake they need each day. Plus, we stay connected with our customers, confirming that their portion sizes are on point and even accommodating menu swaps for those pups with specific flavour preferences.

Rest assured, our food is not only tailored but also 100% complete and balanced. No artificial ingredients to be found here! Each daily pack is a comprehensive package containing your dog's food, treats, and chews – all expertly measured out for your convenience.


Experience the convenience of uniquely tailored daily portions, all neatly packed by hand in one place – Caboodle has everything your dog needs for a nourishing and enjoyable mealtime!

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