When is the right time to change your dog's food?

When is the right time to change your dog's food?

I’m worried about the safety of feeding raw dog food?

My puppy has just turned one. 

We are concerned about the nutritional value in their current food.

I am hopeless at accidentally overfeeding my chubby dog and managing my dog's weight.

I was sick of single-use plastic wrappers from dog treats.

My dog is bored and often leaves his bowl untouched.

These are just some of the reasons we hear from Caboodlers about what drove them to swap their dogs’ food to Caboodle. 

If you can relate to any of these, or are wondering what drives a person to switch dog food, read on to find out why dog nutritionists sometimes recommend a switch.


Is the food you're giving your dog as high in nutrition as you think? Dog food should be as nutritious as it is tasty and we’d always recommend checking out dog food nutrition on allaboutdogfood.co.uk (we scored wet food attained 94% and dry food 88%, in their instant review generator).  PetMD goes into detail highlighting that it's important that dog nutrition includes water, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fat and proteins to support a healthy lifestyle. Proteins are particularly important in muscle, skin, hair, nail and healthy blood. Proteins break down into amino acids which help create energy for your dog. A variety of proteins in a dog's diet will support them in ensuring they get their 10 essential amino acids. That's why at Caboodle we use a variety of ingredients across your seven day stack to ensure your dog is getting a wide range of differing proteins in their diet.


Balanced dog food should match your dog's energy requirements, PetMDs say. 

Factors including, growth, reproduction, adult age, activity level and breed can play a large role in the energy requirements of your dog with fats, proteins and carbohydrates making up the major source of energy providing nutrition for your dogs.

However, the misconception is that more food = more energy. Far from it, in dog food, it also comes down to the quality of the food. At Caboodle, our quick quiz helps determine the right meal portions for your dog. Making sure they have the correct energy they need, without overfeeding. 


In addition to the important nutrients that come from a quality diet, dog food plays another important role in their health. Dental health can be positively and negatively affected by the type of food you give your dog. Crunchy kibble, and a daily satisfying chew help support in keeping plague at bay. In the dog food world, there is a lot of debate about the role of kibble. However, here at Caboodle, we love our Superfood crunch, designed to be used as the perfect combination with our wet food. Before domestication of dogs, their diet would have included bones from the animals they ate. These bones helped act as a way of keeping their teeth clean. For many today, bones are long gone from the dog's diet, and clever dog food manufacturers (like us!) have found ways to still provide our dogs with good teeth and gum health, and nutritious delicious food. Our Superfood crunch is also packed with essential nutrients for optimal health. 

Weight management

Managing your dog's weight can be a huge challenge, particularly if you’ve got a breed which loves to eat! Dogs love to eat, and we as owners love to feed them. But overfeeding is a huge problem that can significantly affect the time you will have with your dog, shaving years off their life (we’re sorry to be morbid but it's the truth). Helping owners manage their dog’s weight with pre-portioned daily food boxes is one of the things that motivated our founders in the creation of Caboodle. Treats, a chew, wet & dry food, everything your dog needs for enjoyment without the concern about calories.


Just like humans, for dogs, food is meant to be enjoyed! Check out our fantastic Trustpilot to see for yourself how many dogs love Caboodle. Caboodle has been designed to help your dog enjoy mealtimes with treats and chews included in your daily stack! Who doesn’t get excited seeing what will be on the menu today? 

Transitioning your dog to a new food can take a bit of time, it’s new tastes, and new textures check out our blog on how to transition your dog to Caboodle.

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