Dog Walking Essential Kit

Dog Walking Essential Kit

We truly hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it is time to start saying goodbye to summer and hello to shorter days, rainy walks and a muddy dog. It isn’t all bad though, because we have a list of essentials* to make winter walks feel like less of a chore.  

Dog Walking Bag

Let’s face it; we have all had coats with pockets full of dog walking ‘stuff’. Treats, poop bags, an extra lead… you name it, that’s where it lives. It’s a hassle when you’re trying to find something quickly or you wear that coat somewhere other than on a dog walk. A dog walking bag just makes your life easier. This could be a small backpack, a bumbag, an over the shoulder bag, or a bag designed for use on dog walks, like DOOG’s ‘Walkie’ bag. 

Available in a selection of colours, this handy bag includes:

  • A built-in pocket for poop bags
  • A side pouch to hold your water bottle (or a tennis ball!)
  • Waterproof inner sleeve to protect your phone and other valuables

It is large enough to carry all your dog walking ‘stuff’, but small enough to be comfortable on a long walk. 

From £29.99

Poop Bags & Holder

We have all been caught out without poop bags when we needed them at some point; cue the desperate scramble through your pockets for an old plastic shopping bag! You won’t have to worry about that with this pack of 315 bags from Earth Rated. These poop bags are kind to the earth because they are compostable and 100% leak-proof. Earth Rated even do lavender scented poop bags for a floral finish and a durable leash dispenser that not only clips securely to your walking bag, lead, belt etc, but also has a clever hook that will hold your used poop bag for you!

From £13.99 for 315 poop bags

From £4.99 for leash dispenser

Drying Coat

A wet and muddy dog = a wet and muddy house, no matter how carefully you seem to clean and dry them off after a walk. It’s the bane of our lives, especially in winter. Until now.

You may be familiar with dog drying coats, maybe you have even tried them, but they don’t cover the whole dog. Thus, you still end up with a dirty and soggy car, furniture and floors. Pawpaw of London have solved this problem with their dog drying bag. Yes, a bag! The best features include:

  • Fabric that is: super absorbent, thick, soft and snag-free
  • A harness hole so you can clip the lead on in the car
  • Removes mud, dirt and sand etc. 
  • Provides enough room for your dog to lay down
  • Can be used around 4-5 times before needing a wash

From £39.99

Activity Tracker

Many of us use gadgets to track our health, including our movement, calories burnt and time spent resting so we can keep fit and well; why not do the same for your dog? While we take the guesswork out of feeding your dog, PitPat takes the guesswork out of exercising your dog. Their Dog Activity Monitor tracks exercise, rest and play, and through their app, you can see distance travelled and calories burned, get personalised feeding recommendations and track their weight.

Weighing only 16g, the box is suitable for even the smallest breeds and is designed to fit on any collar. It is incredibly robust and is waterproof, so is even suitable for swimming and splashing!

From £39.00

Treats and food to keep your dog going

Perhaps you're just going around the park, or perhaps you're going on a longer all day walk. Either way, we always recommend taking some treats with you. Firstly, we’re a big fan of training on the go (check out our recent blog on this), secondly, low-calorie treats are a great way to keep your dog full of energy for their walk without overfeeding them.

A Caboodle daily tray contains a selection of delicious low-calorie treats which are perfect for taking out and about with you. Conveniently packed in our environmentally friendly Natureflex packaging, simply bob in your pocket and go. Or if you’ve been with us a while you’ll soon be in receipt of one of our beautiful treat tins, simply pour your treats in and off you go - treats on the go, without any falling in the bottom of your barbour.

If you’re heading out for a full day, be sure to take your dog’s dinner with them. Simply grab your daily tray and go!

From £22.40 for one weeks worth of food.

Water water everywhere

When out and about with your dog it is really important you don’t forget to remember to give your dog a drink (especially if your dog has dry food or treats in their diet). 

Our favourite water bottle from Rightwell comes with a clip and built in dispenser all in one. Fresh water at the press of a button - no more tummy troubles from drinking from dirty muddy puddles in the park. 

From £13.99

Be Safe, Be Seen

As dog owners many of us don’t have any choice in the winter but to walk our dogs when it is dark, before and/or after work, so it is incredibly important to keep both ourselves and our dogs safe - especially on the road! 

LED collars are relatively inexpensive and ensure your dog can be seen even off lead in open areas - like fields - so you can keep track of them and other people can see them coming. We like this one, which is rechargeable, waterproof, and is available in 5 colours!

Hi-viz vests are not the most fashionable accessory. We get it. But they make a lot of difference if you are walking on roads and are really accessible and cheap - you can find them in pound shops or on Amazon for a few pounds. If you want to spend a bit more on something trendy, there are lots of jackets with hi-vis strips that work just as well! You can get your dog a hi-vis coat too, like this clever one from Danish Design which is 2-in-1 (light raincoat with a removable lining) and has full chest protection. 

A head torch is a really convenient alternative to a hand-held flashlight, especially if you are walking in areas where there is no street lighting. Our favourite is this one which is super bright and lightweight, rechargeable and has a motion sensor, so you don't have to fumble for the power button in the dark!

Winter Boots

When you walk your dog every day in the winter, you need really sturdy - but still comfortable - boots that will keep your feet warm and dry. If you are a city-dweller who walks their dog along pavements and in parks, you may only need ankle-length boots, but if you live in the countryside and walk in muddy fields, you will need knee-length boots. Wellingtons are often a safe bet to keep your feet dry, but aren’t always very warm, which is why we love these Aigle Parcour 2 wellies. Waterproof and insulated, they also sport a shock-absorbent, abrasion resistant outsole that provides stability on all terrain - perfect for long dog walks!

From £150

*Apart from Caboodle, we are not affiliated with any of these companies in any way.