Our Doggie Dinner Twin Packs

Wonderful for weekends away, days in the office, or simply to give Caboodle a try, our Caboodle Twin Pack comes in 7 yummy flavours and contains perfectly balanced, highly nutritious and pre-portioned meals of wet & dry food, low-calorie treats and a healthy, calming dental chew

We have tailored our delicious and nutritious Doggie Dinners into eight pack sizes to ensure you have the right amount for your dog every day. View each Doggie Dinner option below with our weight guide to find the ideal Caboodle size for you:

Let us do the weighing, measuring and portioning for you!

To see if Caboodle is a good fit for your dog, take our quiz which factors in key traits such as weight, body condition, activity levels, age and neutered or not. Our pack sizes across twin packs and stacks are the same and our customers are really happy with our sizing recommendations. Whilst customers say our weight guides help, every dog if different and we don't get it spot on every time but we can easily move you up or down a size if you prefer. Discover the right Caboodle for you - it only takes a minute.