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Twin Pack Caboodle Yellow Size

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Wonderful for weekends away, days in the office or simply to give Caboodle a try, our Caboodle Twin Pack Yellow size combines portions of delicious wet food (85g), superfood crunch (50g), treats (10g) and a dental chew.  With 347 calories a day, as a guide our Caboodle Yellow size is ideal for dogs between the weights of 4-6kgs (other sizes are available). It’s not just food, it’s the whole Caboodle.

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  • Delicious, nutritious and convenient.
  • We're 99% recyclable (soon to be 100%).
  • Ideal for weekends away.
  • Complete and balanced daily menus.
  • DPD tracked delivery within 2-3 days.

Benefits of switching to Caboodle

Everything in one place, every day

Caboodle’s mix of tasty wet and crunchy dry food is tail-waggingly irresistible and gives your dog the best of both worlds. We’ve done all the legwork by selecting the best ingredients and measuring everything they need every day. With heaps of health and behaviour benefits too, it’s a stress-free, mess-free way to give your furry friend everything they want – but no more than they need.

It's not just food, it's the whole Caboodle.

Our sustainable packaging promise

Environmentally conscious choices, at each step of the journey

Our cupboard-friendly, road trip ready daily boxes store neatly in a weekly stack but this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the planet along the way.

We have made HUGE efforts to ensure that 99% of our packaging is fully recyclable as well as biodegradable and compostable. We have pledged to replace the bothersome 1% (the film on the wet food trays that keep it fresh) by the end of 2023.

So you and your dog can Caboodle everyday knowing we have researched the best packaging for your dog’s food and our precious planet.